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1200 Uzytkownikow korzystajacych z platformy LNU
250 Szkol uzywajacych platformy Liga Niezwyklych Umyslow
125h Zabawnych kursow ulatwiajacych nauke programowania

Learn with the League

LEM platform

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Teach with the League

Use the extremely easy-to-use, yet powerful LEM tool to effectively teach information technologies. Fully automatic evaluation of students’ solutions will allow you to work effectively even with a large group and focus on students with problems, while allowing gifted students to learn at their own pace.

A sensationally simple and intuitive interface will allow you to freely and easily manage students’ access to courses, support them and track their progress.

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The platform is based on several basic principles: 

  • Gain practical knowledge and skills
  • Learn to solve problems using IT tools
  • If you are a teacher – teach effectively and make your life easier
  • Have fun! A sense of humor makes us human!

The most popular choices of our users:

Work with experts

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IT experts

Whose idea is to share their own, many years of experience in working on IT projects and teach a practical approach to programming and other information technologies.
*We are also terribly funny

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Experienced team

We are one of the longest operating educational platforms focusing on the IT industry in the world. We run the largest regional digital education programs. We are constantly developing the platform to stay up to date with the latest knowledge in this rapidly changing field, which traditional curricula have no chance to keep up with.

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Real development

By running many pro-social projects, enabling modern education for people, groups and regions that have difficult access to it. We are rapidly improving the quality of IT education and catching talents in the least expected places…

What they say about us


Your platform is amazing. Intuitive, everything explained well. It’s really nice to use and go through the stages.

Patrick City Hall

I can’t help but show my admiration. So far, this platform is working great, technical support responds on time, issues are explained in a factual and, what is extremely important (kudos to the person writing the texts), very funny in some places. For now, I’m delighted. I tested codecombat, Khan Academy – they are all great, but you have nothing to be ashamed of and you are becoming a leader in this segment.

Luke teacher

Platforma daje uczniom doskonałe możliwości rozpoczęcia nauki programowania. Cieszę się, że mogę z niej korzystać.

Jaroslaw teacher

Our projects



The project is financed from the European Regional Development Fund under Priority Axis III – Support for innovation in enterprises; Action: 3.3. Support for the promotion and internationalization of innovative enterprises, the Smart Growth Operational Program 2014-2020.

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